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  • Theme Talk: Ymir and Historia – Dealing with Hurt (Attack on Titan)

    This post will contain spoilers for The Attack on Titan anime You have been warned. Funimation 2013-2019 In a world overrun by rampaging man-eating giants, it’s little wonder every character in Attack on Titan experiences pain and loss. Despite its fantastic premise, Attack on Titan deals with real psychological and emotional issues, such as how […]

  • Theme Talk: Expanding Horizons in Kingdom Hearts

    This post will contain spoilers for The Kingdom Hearts series, including Kingdom Hearts III You have been warned. “This world is just too small,”1 mutters a young man as he stands on the sandy shore of his island home, staring off into the horizon. Square Enix 2010 Thus begins Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and […]

  • Theme Talk: Living for Oneself in Don Bluth’s Thumbelina

    Editor’s Note: Corrected some typos on 9-30-21. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this?! Many people consider Disney the epitome of classic animation and a hallmark of their childhood. I’ve always enjoyed Disney, but there was a second animation studio I cherished just as much as Disney: Don Bluth Productions. Bluth’s The Land Before Time, […]

  • Theme Talk: Fighting for Relationships in The Place Promised in Our Early Days

    This post will contain spoilers for The Place Promised in Our Early Days You have been warned. There are some things in life that are impossible to understand fully until you’ve experienced it firsthand. Many of these entail some form of loss, such as loss of a beloved pet or loved one, or even loss […]

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