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  • Flash-Post: Jeannette Out of Context 4

    “Why isn’t there a site yet just like giphy but easier to find things and also only anime .gifs That would make my life so much better Like 247% better” Today at 10:32 PM Chaika – The Coffin Princess, 2014 Bones — .Gif from iblessall’s The Great Chaika Gif Gallery. Grateful! From Him, To Him

  • Flash-Post: Jeannette Out of Context 3

    “Whyyyy can’t I find a Celtic hell” Today at 6:48 PM From Him, To Him

  • Flash-Post: Jeannette Out of Context 2

    “Hm… Guess I’ll prolly warm up more of that bear meat for dinnerProbably among the top 5 weirdest things I’ve ever said” Today at 5:26 PM

  • Follow-Up to “Character Issues” Post

    Update : Added image. Corrected minor spelling/grammatical errors. Updated formatting to current blog standards. One of my readers was kind enough to give me some tips on my previous post. As I was replying, I realized that I actually had some new angles to examine while looking at this character (and that I kind of […]

  • Character Issues – Flash Post

    I’ve been having a really hard time working on one of my characters in The Victor’s Blade. Much of her purpose has been changed, and she’s never been one of my favorite characters, although I wanted her to be one that the readers cared about deeply. One of the biggest questions for me is “Do […]

  • A Busy Little Writer’s Update

    Update : Added images. Updated formatting to current blog standards. So Blogger’s autosave feature decided to bite me in the butt. Pressed some weird key combination on my keyboard on accident the other day, which somehow cleared the entire post I was working on. Then Blogger decided to autosave my blank page. With no recover […]

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