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Flash-Post: Jeannette Out of Context 2

“Hm… Guess I’ll prolly warm up more of that bear meat for dinner
Probably among the top 5 weirdest things I’ve ever said”

Today at 5:26 PM

From Him, To Him


10 responses to “Flash-Post: Jeannette Out of Context 2”

  1. Curtis M. Avatar

    Oh wow. HAHAHA! I wonder how that quote happened. I'm sure a certain character I created would be creeped out by it.

  2. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    Haha, oh poor Marina! Fun fact: bear meat pretty much tastes just like pot roast beef when you slow-cook it in barbeque dry-rub. 😛

  3. Curtis M. Avatar

    Yup. She'd probably faint. That is just weird thinking about it that way with the taste. @__@

  4. Jeannette Jonic Avatar


  5. Curtis M. Avatar

    Hahahaha! Relax, I was only talking about a fictional character even though on principle she would've been freaked out if she were real. AHEM! Anyways…I would never have expected you to say something like that. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to random cuisine.

  6. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    I'm normally not either, but we have a pastor who's big into hunting. We got the meat from him. 🙂

  7. Curtis M. Avatar

    Oh wow. I wonder what sparked that line. Hahaha!

  8. Curtis M. Avatar

    Okay, so that explains it. I know I've never had it, nor would I want to though. The only time I've ever heard of bear meat being used was when I asked my dad was borscht was after hearing that word on an episode of Rugrats. He mentioned that sometimes in some Russian towns, they'll put bear meat in it and I was weirded out back then when I asked that question during my childhood.

  9. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    Oh dear! I'm sure I would've been super weirded/grossed-out too! It's not exactly something you want to think about as a kid…

  10. Curtis M. Avatar

    Yeah. You wouldn't expect bears to be used as food anywhere especially hearing that as a kid.

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