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  • Origins of The Victor’s Blade – Part 4 of 4

    The Victor’s Blade has undergone more birthing pains, I think, than any other book in the history of authorship. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong (en garde. I love reading stories about other writers’ misery so I can commiserate). I was well-along in The Victor’s Blade. Jaranin had left his hometown of Sinoa. He’d […]

  • Origins of The Victor’s Blade – Part 3 of 4

    I could no longer keep the title “The Golden Sword.” I was devastated (as only a pre-teen can be) at the news. Of all things to shatter my slowly-progressing story’s development, it had to be a LEGO set. A LEGO set! I’d been a purveyor and purchaser of LEGO bricks for years. My first set […]

  • Origins of The Victor’s Blade – Part 2 of 4

    I’m not sure how long The Golden Sword story lay waiting before I unearthed it. The story still hadn’t left me. I pulled it up on the family computer and, knowing my friend was never going to return to a one-off story he’d never mentioned again, I started to create my own additions. I added […]

  • Origins of The Victor’s Blade – Part 1 of 4

    I mentioned yesterday how a friend of mine played a pivotal role in starting The Victor’s Blade. Ready for story time? As children are wont to do, my writing buddy/best friend and I tried to go over to each others’ houses as often as possible. We’d play pretend or video games or action figures–whatever suited […]

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