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  • Movie Review: Weathering with You

    Weather can have a profound impact on our mood and our very way of life. A sunny day can make even a difficult situation easier to bear, while gloomy clouds can ruin an otherwise perfect morning. So what if it’d been weeks since you’d last seen the sun? What if it only rained, day after […]

  • A Fresh Take on Frozen

    Walt Disney Studios 2013 Frozen has fantastic music, gorgeous visuals, and great comedic timing. Its character designs are colorful and charming, and the acting is superb. Little wonder it’s still sitting at the top of the highest-grossing animated films to date.1 But I’ve got to admit, despite how much I enjoyed watching Frozen, I found […]

  • Movie Review: Next Gen

    Next Gen, 2018 Netflix Genre: Action, Comedy, Children’s, Sci-Fi Year Released: 2018 Distributor: Netflix Directors: Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander Running Time: 106 minutes Rating: N/A; contains censored expletives and scenes of violence This review will contain some spoilers. You have been warned. The Premise After watching her family fall apart, Mai grows up feeling […]

  • Why I Love Patema Inverted – And You Might, Too

    A world divided—not by borders or races… but by gravity and fear. A world where one wrong step could leave you plunging upward into the endless sky. A world where government ideology rules with an iron fist, condemning anyone who diverges from their designs. Patema Inverted takes place in a Big Brother-style dystopia. The government […]

  • Movie Review: The Last Jedi

    This post will contain minor spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi You have been warned. Star Wars: The Last Jedi released in December of last year, almost four months to the day. And no Star Wars film has had such controversial reception. I saw this film shortly after […]

  • Movie Review: Titan A.E.

    Writer’s Note (2-11-18): Some of you may be like “Whooooa, I was wondering where this post disappeared to!” while some of you might be wondering where the heck this brand-new but not-new post came from. This was one of a series of posts I had to pull from the blog temporarily so I could update […]

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