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  • How One Line Made Me Fall Out of Love with Dimitri (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

    This post will contain spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses You have been warned. One single line completely shook my choice of love interest in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, it wasn’t like that was the only small thing that made a big decision for me. Like how […]

  • Video Game Review – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Photo courtesy of Genre: Action-Adventure RPG (open-world) Year Released: 2017 Publisher: Nintendo Director: Hidemaro Fujibayashi Platform(s): Wii U, Nintendo Switch Rating: Everyone 10+; for Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes (cleavage), alcohol references and a drunken character (via ESRB) This review contains mild story spoilers. You have been warned.  The Premise The hero Link awakens […]

  • Extended First Impressions: Final Fantasy XV

    Ahh! Real life got in the way of plans, so today’s post is a day late! Apologies! So my “extended first impressions” of Final Fantasy XV are a bit of a mess. See, I have this nasty habit of pretty much never finishing video games… so I’ve still barely started the main storyline. HOWEVER, I’ve […]

  • Extended First Impressions: The Last Guardian

    Waiting ten years for anything is a harrowing experience. Think about it. That’s ten entire years to get excited. Three-thousand six-hundred and fifty days (plus leap days) for daydreaming about it, for wondering what it’ll be like, for worrying it won’t be what you expected or as good as you hoped. And if, at the […]

  • The Long-Awaited Games Have Come – First Impressions of Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian

    Update : Updated article closing to include links to followup posts. Updated formatting to current blog standards. …Also I totally missed last time’s update. I am so sorry! I’ll try to post for the next three Fridays in a row to make up for it. Christmas came with a bang this year, and if any […]

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