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  • Theme Talk: Steal Your Heart – Christian Parallels in Persona 5

    Note: This post has been edited to correct typos and to slap a spoiler warning on top. Sorry to anyone I may have accidentally spoiled! This post will contain spoilers for Persona 5 You have been warned. Persona 5 took the world by storm with its flashy aesthetics and attractive characters, almost single-handedly bringing the […]

  • Theme Talk: Christian Parallels in My Hero Academia

    This post will contain major spoilers for My Hero Academia You have been warned. Surrounded by people cheering for you, you throw off everything that once held you back from doing what you were meant to do. You hurl away your insecurity. You throw away your indecision and fear. You cast aside your lack of […]

  • Competitiveness and Identity

    Competitiveness: the drive to push yourself in order to win. Competitiveness can bring out the worst in people. It can push people to break the rules in order to get ahead. It can result in “sore winners”: the people who rub their win in your face, or those who think winning is the only way. […]

  • Broken Engagement: Am I Over Him Yet?

    Yeah, I’ve been through the agony of a broken engagement. Not a fun experience, to put it kindly. Awkward segue time: dreams have been on my mind a lot lately. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about dreams. But the thing that’s really on my mind today is one of the kinds of […]

  • Shame

    Shame is the dark feeling in the pit of your stomach that says you’re not nearly enough. Shame is the weight that drags you to the bottom of the ocean. Shame is darkness. Shame is feeling guilty, even if you have no guilt to bear. Shame is feeling dirty, filthy, unwanted, unneeded, and unnecessary. Shame […]

  • What Does It Mean to Let Your Dreams Die?

    Update : Updated link to song “Surrender” by BarlowGirl. Updated formatting to current blog standards. I guess I’ll put a disclaimer here for anyone sensitive to this subject matter: This is going to be one of my “spiritual” posts. That means that throughout this post, I’ll be talking about my faith (or religion, if you’d […]

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