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  • Excerpt – TVB: “The Storyteller”

    “Are we forgetting anything?” Jaranin asked, looking up from trying to tame his tousled brown hair. His eyes skirted their surroundings. Other than the pond he’d been using as a mirror and the trees all around, there wasn’t much to see. Well, besides his partner-in-crime, Elun, who was standing there bedecked with what must have […]

  • Origins of The Victor’s Blade – Part 2 of 4

    I’m not sure how long The Golden Sword story lay waiting before I unearthed it. The story still hadn’t left me. I pulled it up on the family computer and, knowing my friend was never going to return to a one-off story he’d never mentioned again, I started to create my own additions. I added […]

  • Origins of The Victor’s Blade – Part 1 of 4

    I mentioned yesterday how a friend of mine played a pivotal role in starting The Victor’s Blade. Ready for story time? As children are wont to do, my writing buddy/best friend and I tried to go over to each others’ houses as often as possible. We’d play pretend or video games or action figures–whatever suited […]

  • More On The Victor’s Blade and Why It’s a Monster… Beast… Thing.

    The Victor’s Blade is about a small-town boy named Jaranin who must solve the riddle of his late father‘s journal. If he succeeds, the book will lead him to the location of his inheritance and destiny: a legendary sword called the Victor’s Blade. The sword, the topic of myths for centuries, is said to grant […]

  • Cut Scene – Back-Cover Concept (The Victor’s Blade)

    “The tales you know are about a hero–he’s chosen by others, by circumstances, by fate… perhaps because of his skills or potential. Sometimes, he even chooses himself. But he is meant to defeat the insurmountable. It’s his calling. His destiny. “This isn’t those tales. “This is about you, Jaranin. Not because you’re the one meant […]

  • It’s Begun, Hasn’t It?

    Welp. We’re here, friends. There’s no more hiding in the shadows of internet-lurking obscurity for me. I’ve bitten the bullet. I’ve shoved myself off the point of no return. I have done what all the hob-nobs and snoots of the literary world tell us feeble fiction newbies to do– I have finally made a blog. […]

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