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  • What Class Should I Play in Final Fantasy 14? (For NEW PLAYERS)

    As of Patch 6.18 Author’s Note 11/1/22: Due to feedback, Dancer’s entry has been updated. Keep that feedback coming! Author’s Note 2/15/23: Updated Arcanist (Summoner) and Reaper with additional details after playing more of each class at max level. Also added a “Jump To Class” table of contents so you can check out which class […]

  • Theme Talk: Expanding Horizons in Kingdom Hearts

    This post will contain spoilers for The Kingdom Hearts series, including Kingdom Hearts III You have been warned. “This world is just too small,”1 mutters a young man as he stands on the sandy shore of his island home, staring off into the horizon. Square Enix 2010 Thus begins Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and […]

  • Video Game Review – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Photo courtesy of Genre: Action-Adventure RPG (open-world) Year Released: 2017 Publisher: Nintendo Director: Hidemaro Fujibayashi Platform(s): Wii U, Nintendo Switch Rating: Everyone 10+; for Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes (cleavage), alcohol references and a drunken character (via ESRB) This review contains mild story spoilers. You have been warned.  The Premise The hero Link awakens […]

  • A Busy Little Writer’s Update

    Update : Added images. Updated formatting to current blog standards. So Blogger’s autosave feature decided to bite me in the butt. Pressed some weird key combination on my keyboard on accident the other day, which somehow cleared the entire post I was working on. Then Blogger decided to autosave my blank page. With no recover […]

  • Excerpt – Titans Together: “First Contact”

    Update : Corrected minor grammatical error. Added applicable links. Updated formatting to current blog standards. Taking a break from the Six Aspects of a Story for today to post a snippet of some old writing of mine. This one is from 2013. I love superheroes. And I also love to roleplay, which is basically just […]

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