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    Taking a brief break from the saccharine fanfiction to talk about unpopular opinions on media!   Saw this on my pal C. M. B. Bell’s blog Iridium Eye a few years ago and knew I had to give it a shot…   Popular series I don’t like: Game of Thrones. It doesn’t feel fair to […]

  • Why I Love Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day – And You Might Too

    Aging is a strange thing. Our current age is a snapshot of a fleeting moment in our lives. After all, the present is a tiny thing, only lasting for a single moment before it becomes the past. Memory, then, sifts through those snapshots, bringing a piece of the past back to our present. My teenage […]

  • From Pilot to Product – Little Witch Academia

    TV show pilots are a curious and wonderful thing. One of the few things I love more than enjoying media is seeing what happened behind-the-scenes. I love to see how they got the special effects to work for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. I love watching animators scribble away at frames for my […]

  • Why I Loved Haibane Renmei – And You Might, Too

    A somber-colored world of mystery, like a passing dream that fades into bright, cheerful smiles upon waking. All seems well; all seems right. But these smiles are not all true; some hide deep-seated fears and troubles just beneath the surface. Haibane Renmei, 2002 Radix Ace Entertainment A young girl named Rakka wakes to find herself […]

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