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  • Movie Review Collab: In This Corner of the World (Feat. C. M. B. Bell of Iridium Eye)

    This post will contain some spoilers for In This Corner of the World You have been warned. Warning: This film contains scenes of graphic war violence, drinking, and smoking. This post will include some images of injuries from war. Viewer/reader discretion is advised. Jeannette (Fantasy and Fiction): I’m here today for a special anime collaboration […]

  • Disneytember: Fixing Moana

    It’s been tough watching Disney change over the past few decades. While they continue to rake in the cash, this company once lauded for its high quality and artistic innovation has become a shadow of its former self to a large number of fans. While I’m not a fan of the live-action remakes, I do […]

  • Sora’s Character Development

    A little goes a long way when it comes to displaying who a character is and making them endearing to the audience. It doesn’t take much for me to fall in love with a character if the writers make time for character development. There’s something about seeing a character being themselves that I just adore. […]

  • Movie Review: Next Gen

    Next Gen, 2018 Netflix Genre: Action, Comedy, Children’s, Sci-Fi Year Released: 2018 Distributor: Netflix Directors: Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander Running Time: 106 minutes Rating: N/A; contains censored expletives and scenes of violence This review will contain some spoilers. You have been warned. The Premise After watching her family fall apart, Mai grows up feeling […]

  • Why I Love Patema Inverted – And You Might, Too

    A world divided—not by borders or races… but by gravity and fear. A world where one wrong step could leave you plunging upward into the endless sky. A world where government ideology rules with an iron fist, condemning anyone who diverges from their designs. Patema Inverted takes place in a Big Brother-style dystopia. The government […]

  • Vash the Stampede: Building a Character (Intentional Pacing)

    The anime Trigun begins like a classic Western. No-good outlaws rule the land, making life especially hard for the ever-dwindling population of law-abiding citizens who just want to eke out a wholesome living. 1998 Madhouse There’s far more money to be made in a world with no rules, where the man with the fastest trigger […]

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