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  • Starting TVB Book 3

    I started TVB Book 3 on Monday. I’m scared. And even though I keep trying to remind myself that I’ve felt this before with Book 2, it feels like a fresh fear. I guess that makes sense. To paraphrase Sam from Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring adaptation, “When I go one more step, […]

  • Excerpt – TVB, Book 2: “The Remains of Broak”

    Here’s another excerpt from TVB Book 2, this one a brief glimpse into Zaelor’s past. This scene has had some iteration in The Victor’s Blade almost since its earliest draft. Violence Advisory: This scene will contain violence. Discretion is advised. — Vangeron yanked on the reigns, biting back a gasp of dismay. His heart plunged […]

  • Updated Scene – TVB: “Isalaina”

    After getting some feedback from my readers, I’ve been tweaking things in Book 1 of The Victor’s Blade. This here scene, which I’d posted an old version a while back, is just one of them. Which version do you like better? Jaranin’s storytelling skills are put to work during the summer festival as he tells […]

  • Confessions of a Writer Who Couldn’t Write Character Flaws

    Up until recently, I found it very difficult to write flawed characters. I fall deeply in love with my characters, so I really want other people to like them as much as I do. This makes showing others my work a terrifying event. It feels like bringing a boyfriend home for my parents to meet. […]

  • The Victor’s Blade Update: Writing Book 2

    Writing book two of The Victor’s Blade has certainly been an experience. I’ve had a lot of responsibilities (plus work), so over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out the “bit by bit” method for writing: chipping away at this manuscript one small daily goal at a time. It’s been keeping me writing, but […]

  • Excerpt – TVB, Book 2: “Reminder”

    More Book 2 fun! What are you guys thinking of the newest excerpts? Lemme know! Violence Advisory: This scene will contain some blood and violence. Discretion is advised. — Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash Kalinvar stood over his desk, stroking his beard and running numbers in his head. It’d been days since he’d sent […]

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