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Jaranin Eleron

I need to know: about my father and the Victor’s Blade. I need to know or else it will never stop.

Jaranin Eleron, Book 1, Chapter 13


Jaranin was born to Arenen and Elaine Riel in the small village of Sinoa. Jaranin grew up without ever knowing his father, as Arenen disappeared when Jaranin was only a year old.

Over the next few years, Jaranin was raised by his mother Elaine and her close friend, the elderly widow Naomi. Elaine died from a plague that ravaged the area when Jaranin was four years old.

Jaranin lived in Sinoa for the next eleven years. At fifteen, he worked at a weaving company in Wilfay under Rhona, his mother’s former protege. He supported his elderly caretaker, Naomi. Over the past four years, Jaranin was also asked to tell stories at the local festivals.

Shortly after the Anari Day festival, however, Sinoa and the other surrounding towns came under attack by the Scourge, a mysterious group of brigands that had devastated Sinoa ten years prior.

Jaranin was among the elderly and children who were shipped out of the region through the dangerous mountain passes in order to protect them from the oncoming Scourge attack that razed Sinoa. This would mark the first time Jaranin had ever gone to the areas beyond the mountain ranges surrounding Sinoa–what he dubbed, “the outside-lands.”

Physical Appearance

Jaranin has impossibly messy brown hair that refuses to be tamed or combed down. He doesn’t have much muscle, looking wiry for his age.


  • April 29, 5023 – Jaranin born
  • Sept 12, 5024 – Jaranin’s father Arenen disappears from home
  • October 5024 – Scourge raid Sinoa. Naomi and her husband help hide Jaranin and his mother Elaine
  • Winter 5027 – Elaine dies of illness, leaving Jaranin orphaned
  • May 5038 – Scourge attack Sinoa region. Jaranin flees home with Naomi and his friends.
Alternate NamesJaranin Riel
First IntroducedBook 1, Chapter 1
Birth Date29th of Brámari (April 29), 5023 AY
Age15 (Books 1&2)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorLight Brown

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