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An Interview with Elun

Welcome aboard, Elun. It’s great to have you here today!

A’course! Any mate of Jaranin’s is a mate o’ mine. Say, that promise of victuals after all this hullabaloo still stands, aye?

As much scoff as you can scoff. Writer’s honor. Just settle in and we’ll get started.

Don’t mind if’n I do! A’right. Whatcha got for me, Miss Writership?

First thing’s first: what’s your full name, age, and race?

Elun Elvinbard, fifteen full-summers, an’ proud-to-be elf. Next!

Describe how you look for the readers–hair, eye color, height, body type–all that sort of stuff.

Red, green, tall, n’ thin as a whip. Nnnnext!


Well… I may not be as tall as Jaranin, but he’s gone through all his growth-spurts faster’n me, so that’s not quite a fair comparison, aye? Watch n’ see, I’ll tower over him in no time! Like an oak! (Spreads hands wide)

If you say so… So, Elun, where are you from?

Wilyan, to start off. But my Pap got tired of the bustle and hustle an’ settled down smack-dab between that an’ Sinoa–outskirts of Wilyan, I guess ya could say.

I’m guessing your “Pap” is your dad?

Pap, Da, Pop, Father—I can’t pick a favorite title, so I just use ‘em all. Wonder if that ever gets him confused… But he knows who he is, aye?

Oh! An’ other than us two, there’s Mum, an’ Ollie, an’ Pipwick, an’ Donny, an’ the twins are Susie an’ Tillie, an’ then there’s Chrissie an’ Gilbert an’ Little Allen. (Counts on fingers) Yep. Think I got ‘em all…

Are those all your brothers and sisters? I counted eight!

Oh, did you? Good, so I did get ‘em all, after all. Next!

All right, all right. (Laughs) We’ll move on, then. Other than that big family of yours, what sort of things make you happy, Elun?

Those afore-promised victuals, for starters. How many more questions ya got?

Family, food… You’re a pretty simple elf to please. Anything else?

Oh, well, anything at the festivals, really. Ever been to a Sinoan festival before? Fantabulous stuff. Streamers n’ girls in pretty dresses n’ dancing until ya can’t stand any more. Then ya’ve got the races an’ the tournies—but don’t bother with the archery. Isalaina’s won more years in a row than I can shake a stick at. Right Queen of the Bow, she is.

Does anything ever get you down?

Me? Down? Naw.

What about angry?

When Gilbert steals my breakfast scoff! You’d be angry too if you saw the little bugger swipe it, right out from under your nose! Gets away with it half the time, too, ‘cause Mum doesn’t want scraps at the table. Except table scraps. Those are a’right.

How would you say other people view you? What kind of a person would they say you are?

Well that’s a funny question. Why not just ask other people, then?

(Laughs) Then I guess you don’t really care what other people think of you.

Never thought about it, to tell the truth. Should I?

I think you’re doing just fine the way you are.

Well then, no worries, aye! Next question!

Last one. Do you have any secrets?

Secrets? Seeeeecrets… (Strokes chin) Secrets. Hm. Well, unless ya count the scones I’ve pinched off Jaranin’s windowsill, I can’t think of any. Oh. Or the time I took Ollie’s favorite toy and buried it behind the house. Orrrr I suppose there was that time I told Jaranin to poke that bee’s hive ‘cause I wanted honey, an’ he got stung, an’ when all the grown-ups asked us who’d told him ta do it, he never ratted me out.

…Hm. Well I s’ppose they’re not secrets any more, are they? Well, then, nope, I’ve got none!

(Laughs) Thanks again, Elun. Now let’s go grab some lunch.

Supping time’s my favorite time! Off we go!

Any questions for Elun? Shout out in the comments below!

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Based on The Victor’s Blade; all content subject to change.

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  1. The level of levity was immense for this one. Love it! That was a great interview.

  2. Thank you! Elun is such a goofball.

  3. You're welcome. I certainly see that in this interview.

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