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I’ve been having dreams almost every night for the past half week. Or, at least, remembering that I dreamed. Makes me wonder, what are your dreams like? And I know that everybody has a mix of dreams. But what type of dream do you have the most often?

Are you one of those people who mostly dreams about everyday, regular stuff in your life? You dream about going to work or doing housework. Are your dreams so realistic you think it was something that really happened until someone later in the day corrects you? “You mean… we didn’t actually talk about mint chocolate chip ice cream?”

Are you one of the deja vu dreamers? You dream about something that actually happens later in the day. (How freaky!)

Are you one of those surreal dreamers? Your dreams don’t make much sense. They might have some elements of the previous day you can pinpoint, but it’s all a random string of events and purple bunnies and WWII helmets and everyone’s walking on their hands and trying to get you to do it, too.

Are you one of the unfortunate ones whose dreams are emotionally-supercharged? You know, the dreams that leave you actually feeling those feelings long after you wake up–the stress of not getting to your class on time, or the anger at your sibling for saying those mean things to you in the dream, or the terror after having a nightmare.

Or, are you like me and seem to have the lion’s share of dreams in which you’re the hero of an adventure and have to save the day? I’ll admit, I hadn’t had those as often as I’d like… up until this past week. Now I’ve had so many, I’m about ready to admit I’ve stumbled into the realm of Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy, and I’m a new Tom Hunter jumping between two worlds every time I fall unconscious, working to save them both.

Dreams are exhausting! At least, they are for me when I’ve been dreaming all night. Don’t they say your deep sleep comes after the dream phase? Guess I haven’t been getting much REM lately. No wonder I feel worn-out!

All the same, I think I’ll keep my dreams. Especially because the adventure dreams give me great ideas for stories…

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What are some dreams you’ve had?

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  1. I've had those dreams before. Most of them have been realistic where I almost believe they happened in real life.

  2. Those are the most disorienting for me! Have you ever discovered halfway through your day that something you thought happened was actually a dream?

  3. Definitely. I feel like when I'm stressed and/or when I have to wake up early for work, those dreams happen the most.

  4. Really? Interesting! I find I have realistic dreams most when I've actually been very relaxed. I usually have super frustrating dreams when I'm stressed!

  5. Yeah. It's weird how dreams work. It makes me wish the DC Mini from Paprika existed sometimes.

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