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Cut Scene – TVB: “In the Rain”


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Since I’m now working on writing TVB instead of just planning it out, I’ll probably be posting a lot more excerpts over the months to come.

As I post this, I’m in the process of reviewing chapters 1 and 2, which I wrote yesterday. While I was reading/revising, a cute little impromptu scene between Jaranin and Naomi developed while Naomi prepared breakfast. This particular scene-within-a-scene didn’t quite fit the focus I wanted for the first two chapters, so I decided to cut it… but I liked it so much, I wanted to share it with all of you.

So today, please enjoy a little “extended version clip”!

Photo by Mike Kotsch on Unsplash

“Looks like it’ll be another lovely first of spring,” Jaranin murmured with a smile. Suddenly, he couldn’t wait to kick down the door and race outside. The air would be fresh and morning-crisp, and in just a few more days, the trees would start to bloom.

“Ahh, Sinoa,” Naomi sighed wistfully, plucking the scones off the rack and stacking the platter high. “There’s nothing quite like the springs here. Close enough to hear the ocean, but not too close like the city of Embraeth where you can taste the salt in the air. And the flowers. Every year, I can’t wait for those hyacinths to bloom on our doorstep. Or the lillies-of-the-valley out back.”

She peered over her shoulder at Jaranin and winked. “But that means the rains are comin’ too, and then you’ll be happy to be inside at the loom.”

“Not if the rains start at dawn,” Jaranin chuckled. “Or the evening, after work. Isalaina and I always get home as soaked as fish in a pond.”

“And I always find that so odd,” Naomi observed with a warm, knowing little smile, “since Isalaina wove those nice thick cloaks for you both.”

He innocently pretended not to have heard her. “Oh?” Jaranin asked as his hand strayed toward one of the honeycakes on the edge of the baking rack.

“Indeed,” Naomi nodded soberly. “In fact, oftentimes when I glance down the lane, someone is trying to hold an extra cloak over her head…”

Diversions didn’t work well when they diverted your own attention. His head began to fill with thoughts of last spring: walking in the pouring rain with Isalaina, both of them playfully shoving his cloak over the other person’s head, Isalaina laughing so hard she could barely breathe. Her eyes sparkled and she simply… glowed.

Naomi’s voice broke through his thoughts. “And don’t think I don’t know that pilfering distraction trick, young man. Though it seems your attention’s on something other than honeycakes now.”

Jaranin suddenly felt his face getting warmer, and it wasn’t because of the fire. “W-well, you said the scones were done, eh? Time for breakfast!”

Check out another cut scene with Jaranin and Naomi here. You may notice some similarities. 😉

Excerpt from The Victor’s Blade; all content subject to change.

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