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Creativity – Orrr Lack Thereof?

It really never ceases to amaze me how strong my creativity is connected to my physical (or emotional) well-being.

It’s way easier to create when I’m feeling well (or on the days when I gather the gumption to exercise). But throw in an emotional slump, or a gray and cloudy day, or a cold (like yesterday), and instantly creativity disappears.

Sometimes creating things can be releasing for me. In fact, roleplaying (which is basically cooperative storytelling in my book) is one of my favorite relaxing pastimes. Or when I’m in a really bad mood, journaling or writing poetry helps me regain some emotional stability (and sanity).

And then there’s some days, like the past few days, when creating is a chore.

The Victor’s Blade is coming along, but I’ve barely been able to eke out a few pages every few hours lately. It’s pretty frustrating after it had a much quicker rate to start. But I guess if I think back, the beginning wasn’t without bumps, either. Maybe it’s just working out my “writing muscles” again that’s got me feeling so… cramped.

(No, I will not apologize for that terrible metaphor!)


I know I just need to sit down and write. But sometimes even just doing that is extremely difficult. I suffer from acute writer’s block some days. Staring at a blank page and having no clue what to put down is agonizing.

I wonder how much of the current difficulty is due to feeling ill, or due to “writing exercise,” or maybe even something else? I almost feel like if I could just pinpoint what was making writing this particular section such a chore, then I could solve it. And, once solved, the words would naturally just flow off my fingertips again! Right?

Sigh. Why can’t everything be as easy to write as Jaranin and Isalaina scenes? Their sheer adorable makes it way easier!

TVB, be more adorable! I command thee!

(Yeah, that’ll work.)

From Him, To Him


7 responses to “Creativity – Orrr Lack Thereof?”

  1. Curtis M. Avatar

    I've had those days. However, there are times where I get even more creative when it's a rainy or cloudy day. It's weird how that happens to me.

  2. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    That's awesome! Whenever it's rainy, all I want to do is curl up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and watch TV. 😛 Interesting how different people find different elements spark their creativity.

  3. Curtis M. Avatar

    Thanks. It kind of forces me to be creative or I'm more of a depressed person than I thought for looking forward to the rain. No…must get any thoughts about The Garden of Words out of my head (it makes sense when watching the movie). I remember a joke that Matthew West made years ago by saying some of the best songwriters are from the Pacific Northwest because of all the rain there.

  4. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    Haha! I could see that. I suppose rain does cause one to be more introspective, doesn't it? I personally like rain; I just don't like the constant gloomy, cloudy days where no rain or no storms happen. If it's going to be cloudy, I want something to happen, dangit!

  5. Curtis M. Avatar

    Definitely. I do like some rainy days as long as they aren't stormy. Some of my best creative moments have happened on those days. Expecting something more from your clouds? Hahaha!

  6. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    Ask not what you can do for clouds; ask what clouds can do for you! 😛

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