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The Story of Bald Mr. Frog

Hi everyone! So, unfortunately, due to some real-life stuff that came up today, I didn’t get a chance to make a “proper post,” so here’s a little children’s story I wrote up right on the spot the other day. It was originally going to go on my Blogger “About” page, but the character limit was only about 400 and I went way over that… but I really liked how it turned out.

So here’s The Story of Bald Mr. Frog. Hope you enjoy this cute little tale!

By Alexas Fotos on Pixabay

Once upon a time, there was a frog who was quite bald. Every time he walked outside, the warty toads would laugh at him. “Baldie! Baldie! He’s got no warts and he’s bald!”

Well this was too much for Mr. Frog. So the frog went to the shop and bought the first thing he clapped eyes on:

A wig!

Oh, it was a marvelous wig, all lush and black and shiny, with curly black ringlets that dangled and jumped around his face with every leap. He was quite happy.

“Surely the toads will not laugh now!” thought the frog.

But sure enough…

“Baldie! Baldie! He’s got a funny wig and he’s bald!”

Mr. Frog felt so embarrassed he shut himself in his house for the rest of the day.

But the next morning, the frog went to the shop again and bought the first thing he clapped eyes on:

A hat!

Oh, it was a marvelous hat, with a wide dapper brim and a tall, tall cap. He could toss it up in the air and catch it with his sticky froggy tongue.

“Surely the toads will not laugh now!” thought the frog.

But sure enough…

“Baldie! Baldie! He’s got a silly hat and he’s bald!”

Oh, Mr. Frog was so sad and embarrassed. This time, he shut himself up inside his house for two whole days.

Well, the other animals of the pond began to worry. Squirrel climbed all the way down the tree. Chickadee stopped chicking for a moment. And even Ms. Shrew stopped catching bugs. They all went to Mr. Frog’s house to pay him a visit.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Frog?” They asked. “What’s got you down?”

“Oh, can’t you see?” wailed Mr. Frog. “I’m bald! Bald, with no warts on my head, and it simply won’t do! All the toads make fun of me!”

“Bald? But whatever’s wrong with bald?” came a voice none of them recognized.

They all turned to look and–lo and behold–sitting on Mr. Frog’s doorstep was a giant, glorious eagle!

They were all frightened, but the eagle just ruffled his feathers. “No, no! No need to worry, little creatures. I only eat fish. I came to help!”

“But however can you help?” wailed Mr. Frog. “For nothing will help this terrible baldness of mine!”

“Terrible?” the eagle snorted. “My dear boy, I think you are mistaken. There is nothing wrong with your baldness, any more than there is something wrong with Squirrel’s bushy tail, or Chickadee’s black cap, or Shrew’s little pointy nose.”

“But all the toads laugh at me!” Mr. Frog protested.

“Bah! They are the silly ones. They laugh because you are different? Everyone is different somehow. They should laugh at themselves for not having the same number of spots, or not being the same shade of green. No, Frog, there is nothing wrong with being bald.”

“But how can you be so sure?” asked Mr. Frog.

“Because I, my dear, am a Bald Eagle!” the eagle cried. “Now, let me help you.”

And with that, Mr. Frog and Bald Eagle stepped outside. The toads began to giggle and cry:

“Bald! Bald–!”

But before they could get any further, Bald Eagle shrieked very loudly. He ruffled his feathers up and made himself look very big. And then, he jumped in the air and began to flap his mighty wings.

Well, with the great noise and the great big size of the bird and the great big wind of his rushing wings, the toads were all terrified. They went leap-hop-scampering in every direction, all the while crying,

“Never! Never! We’ve learned our lesson, and we’ll never make fun again!”

And they were true to their word.

And Mr. Frog has lived quite happily and contentedly ever since.

For Him, to Him


  1. Aww! It's a cute, yet relatable story.

  2. Thank you! I got quite attached to poor Mr. Frog while writing this. 🙂

  3. You're welcome. I don't blame you. He's a sympathetic character.

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