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Update: Taking a Break from Exodus – But Please Enjoy Upcoming Excerpts!

Hey everyone!

Fate itself seems to want to leave poor Mara and Ian in limbo. As seems cruelly appropriate given the twists and turns of Mara’s story (Exodus), travel plans have forced me to put the project on a two-week hiatus. I want to make sure I have enough time to bring it to a satisfying conclusion.

BUT FEAR NOT! For these next two weeks, you shall not be excerpt-less!

And… I need your help!

For the next two weeks (October 6th and the 13th), I’ll be posting the two most recent prologue options for The Victor’s Blade. If you read them and think they stink, let me know why in the comments! If they leave you with questions or confusion, comment on that too! Or if you want to brag on why YOUR choice of a prologue is the best option–well, you know what to do!

Then, on October 20th, vote to let your voice be heard! Which prologue is your favorite? Which deserves more love–and which deserves to be forgotten?

Many thanks to everyone who voted in the previous poll about what content you enjoy seeing most on Fiction and Fantasy! I’ll be sure to keep your preferences in mind as I create content in the future.

I can’t wait to hear all your feedback, and I’m hoping you enjoy reading these upcoming prologues as much as I had fun writing them.


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