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Why I Love Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) – And You Might Too

All Yona wanted was to marry the man she loved. But with one sword strike, she loses her love, her family, her throne, and her home.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

Yona’s sixteenth birthday bliss turns into a life-or-death flight in the wake of a deadly coup. Her only companion is her sole surviving loyal retainer, General Hak. As she’s hunted in her own kingdom, Yona struggles to make sense of the chaos her world has become.

But as the fog of her trauma begins to clear, Yona discovers the resilience and love of her people. And it’s these people that turn her disaster into determination: she’s going to take back her to make it a safe place for these people.

I love Yona of the Dawn. And if you like medieval fantasy, exotic cultures, political intrigue, charming characters, and gorgeous scenery, you might too.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shojo
Year Released: 2014
Studio: Pierrot
Licensed By: Funimation
Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda
Episodes: 24 episodes, 3 OVA’s

What You Might Like About… the Visuals

This show is gorgeous, and the character designs are lovely. Each of the main cast is designed with complementary jewel colors, telling you exactly who belongs in the main party at a glance.

The backgrounds are colorful and vibrant while remaining realistic for the largely untamed landscape of a medieval-era kingdom. There’s also plenty of variations between the looks of each locale that Yona visits, keeping things feeling fresh and new.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

What You Might Like About… the Writing

If you’re someone who likes…

  • Quirky characters and goofy moments
  • Slapstick comedy
  • Teasing your friends

…This show might be for you.

If you’re someone who likes political drama, this show’s for you too.

If you’re someone who likes mythic fantasy, this show is also for you.

Yona manages to get all these incohesive genres to not only play nice but work well together. This is a show that sets your expectations only to thwart them for hilariously entertaining or surprising effects. And I have no idea how it pulls this off so effortlessly. Though I know that its excellent worldbuilding, lush backgrounds, and exotic soundtrack certainly help make this kingdom feel as plausible and realistic as it is fantastic, you want to know where this show really shines?

The Characters

This show’s colorful character designs don’t just help set up the world; they’re a delicate balance between something that feels historically-inspired and still adorably anime. You don’t feel pulled out of the moment whether the characters are in an intense fight…

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

…or if they’re just ribbing each other in chibi form.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

And the characters play off each other well regardless of the situation, which only enhances their “d’aww” factor. There’s so much variety among the main cast that there’s bound to be a character you’ll end up falling for.

Are you into the protective, earnest type who seems stiff before some coaxing reveals their true cinnamon roll nature? This guy’s your man.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

He’s serious, earnest, and traditional… and he’s also absolutely terrified of bugs. Like, freak-out level terrified.

More interested in the quiet, intense, and painfully socially-awkward ones? Check out this one.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

He’s nearly silent, he’s a total enigma, he’s agonizingly shy, and he’s as pure as the fresh-driven snow.

More into the boisterous, flirty ones who could stand toe-to-toe with the Jack Sparrows of the world? Meet this guy.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

Or maybe you just need some more adorable, bubbly, wise-beyond-their-years people in your life. This one’s for you.

Yona of the Dawn, 2014 Hakusensha / Funimation

Granted, these guys don’t have as much time to change and grow over the course of the series. But if you’re like me and really want to see some character depth and growth, all you have to do is look to this show’s two stars: Yona and Hak.

Now, I’ve already told you a good deal about Yona’s story, and for fear of spoilers, I’ll just leave it at this: Yona’s transformation from spoiled princess to powerful woman is perfectly paced and intensely satisfying. If that’s your bag, give this show a go.

Hak doesn’t change so much over the course of the series, but he’s one of those delicious characters who is so much more than what he initially seems. If you’re into characters who seem aloof and goofy while still being able to skin you as quickly as look at you, Hak’s your man.

And that’s not even getting into the romance in this series… But I think I’ve said enough for now. 😉

The Conclusion

There’s so much here to enjoy during the ride, plus the promise of things ahead: such as the mysteries surrounding Yona’s family, the legend of the dragons and its implications for later in the series, and–of course–adorable rom-com moments.

Best of all, it’s currently available to view for free on Youtube. Buyer be warned though: this is the first and only season of the anime, so the ending is a little jarring. Hopefully we’ll see more of this anime adaptation in the future.

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  1. This was a new approach to reviewing. Will this be a new standard for your blog? I thought it was an interesting take for your thoughts on Yona.

  2. I haven't seen Yona but the write up was a great read. Than you so much for the mention although analyses is probably way too grand a word.

  3. I think I might start leaning more toward this for anime reviews! We'll see how things go. I'm glad you found it interesting!

  4. Thanks so much! That means a lot coming from someone who's been blogging about anime a lot longer than I have! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I wasn't sure if "analyses" was the best word, but I was having trouble quantifying your blog, haha! It's sure one of a kind!

  5. Go for it, Jeannette! It would be a unique format for anime reviews.

  6. I would really love a second season so we can see where they go next now that they are all together and see what the next stage of the journey is. It was a great series but the open ending makes it hard for rewatches.

  7. Ugh, totally agree! The place where it ends is just PAINFUL for me! I keep crossing my fingers, hoping for the day when a second season is announced. Until then, I'll just have to keep my eye out for English translations of the manga. I need more!

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    THANK YOU FOR THIS! I only recently discovered this show and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE. I am really disappointed at how underrated it is though. Thank you for showing it the attention and recognition it deserves.

  9. YES! A fellow Yona fan! High-five! 😀

    I'm absolutely crushed at where season one ended, haha. I've desperately been trying to locate physical copies of the manga. I have to know what happens next!

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