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Cut Scene – TVB: “Kerlonkus Hits on Isalaina”

To help me gear up for Realm Makers Writers’ Conference in July, I’m bringing you a series of scenes cut from The Victor’s Blade. Be sure to check below for any other cut scenes you may have missed so far!

Isalaina’s at work this week! But this time, she receives an unexpected visitor…

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Isalaina trailed the shuttle back and forth, watching without seeing as the threads of various colors intertwined. Periodically, she’d glance to her side, where a stick with various colored threads told her the pattern of the fabric she was weaving. It was a simple design; she should be finished by tomorrow.

She sighed as she paused a moment to glance out the window. It had been a beautiful day, with the birds twittering and the breeze wafting through the open windows to greet the weavers. She offered her loom a rueful frown and continued with her work.

By now the sun was setting, the sky just beginning to tinge a golden orange. It would soon be time for her to head home. I hope Stablemaster Naman isn’t keeping Jaranin later again tonight…

She blushed as she began to imagine tall, strong Jaranin being her guide on the way home to Sinoa.

But then she jumped when a male figure crossed between her and her loom, as if stepping straight out of her daydream. He swept the shuttle out of her hand.

“Jaranin?” But the smile fell from her face as soon as she saw who it was.

Kerlonkus’s sneering smile loomed in her view. “Hoi, Isalaina.”

Isalaina shot a glance around the room, but all the other weavers were preoccupied with their own looms. Typically the men and women would all be chatting merrily at this time of night, with the shift nearly done. Of course they chose this moment to be industrious.

Isalaina didn’t bother to plaster on a smile. “Doesn’t your father need you back at the stables?”

“Oh, don’t be so cold, Snow fairy.” Kerlonkus chuckled as he bent down to face her at eye-level. “I know you’re actually happy to see me.”

Isalaina crossed her arms. “Feel free to entertain the fantasy.” She grabbed for her shuttle, still in Kerlonkus’s hand. “Now if you’ll excuse me, you’re in the way—”

Kerlonkus flicked the shuttle higher, just out of her reach. “Nonsense. The mistress weaver won’t mind if you pack up a little early. I’m sure of it. Talked to her myself.” He grinned wickedly.

Isalaina flushed. “If you dared lay a hand on my master…!”

“Ah, I was only teasing.” But the villain laughed as he cupped her face in his hand. His palm swallowed her chin. “My, my, but you are pretty when you get feisty…”

Isalaina cuffed his hand away and rose. “I’m going to go speak to my mistress and go home. Good night, Kerlonkus.”

He snatched her hand as she was walking away and kissed one of her fingers. “Won’t you need an escort home, pretty thing? It’d be awful if something were to happen to you in the danger of twilight…”

She yanked her hand away with a grunt. “I’ll be fine. Jaranin will be with me.”

“Jaranin…” Kerlonkus spat the name and glowered. “Aye, that string-bean’ll keep you safe for all of two moments. As soon as a real threat comes along, he’ll sit in a hole and cower—”

That was enough for her. Isalaina barked, “If you think Jaranin is a coward, you don’t know the first thing about him.”

Kerlonkus sneered and simply continued, “…Or worse, throw his neck on the line and get himself killed while the villains sweep you away in the night…”

For a moment, Isalaina was shocked speechless. She again glanced around the room, but all the other weavers, though working slowly, progressed with their looms, not daring to raise their heads.

Isalaina blushed red and shouted, “Mistress Alana, I’m packing up early for the evening. I will be here tomorrow early to make it up.”

Kerlonkus hounded her to the door. “Leaving so soon, pretty thing?”

She bristled and slammed the door in his face on her way out.

[Cut content from The Victor’s Blade; all content subject to change.]

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  1. Good on Isalaina for standing up for herself against that creep. Yeah, I think Kerlonkus would be too intense for TVB.

  2. I agree on both counts! TVB has some pretty intense stuff happen, but Kerlonkus just never quite fit into the beginning of the story. I like how I have it set up now where many of Jaranin's most powerful outside antagonistic forces are quite literally from outside his home, while many of his most painful inner antagonistic forces come from the very people he lives and works with. Kerlonkus just didn't fit into that. Not to mention his draw to Isalaina was just too much for TVB. I decided that just didn't fit the story I wanted to tell.

    You'll be seeing more of Kerlonkus's exploits over the course of the next few weeks. Spoilers: he just gets worse from here. 😛

  3. Gotcha. I don't mind intense stuff (just look at some of the movies and anime I've given 9s and 10s to), but there's a time and place for it. That's a good storytelling decision like how his most painful antagonists come from those close to him. I agree with Kerlonkus since I could picture him saying lyrics to "Blurred Lines" or "Hellfire" with that kind of situation which would be way too much for a story like TVB.

    Oh boy…

  4. Haha! Yeah, no "Hellfire" needed for this story. 😛

  5. That would be a big sack of no, so good on you for avoiding that situation. Hahaha!

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