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Update: No Post This Week 🙁

Sorry for the sad news, everyone! My extended family came over to visit this week, and unfortunately, I wasn’t as productive with my writing as I would have liked! I sure tried hard, though! The post juuuuust isn’t quite ready for this Friday. But not to worry–we’ll return to our regular schedule on September 29th.

And don’t worry, you anime-lovers: you’ll still have an anime-related post on October 6th!

In the meantime, if you’re dying for something to enjoy this Friday, I highly recommend checking out Weight of Cinema’s video essay series on Avatar: The Last Airbender for some great analysis… and a teaser for next post’s topic! 😉


3 responses to “Update: No Post This Week :(”

  1. Curtis M. Avatar

    That's a bummer, but I hope the next article goes well!

  2. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    Thanks! I just finished cleaning up the rough draft. It'll definitely be up this week! 😀

  3. Curtis M. Avatar

    You're welcome. I'm looking forward to it.

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