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Update: April Blog Hiatus

Hi all!

First off, thank you so much for checking out my blog. Every view I see warms my heart. It’s so exciting to know people are interested in my brain-doodles. It’s been so much fun working on the blog and seeing it grow.

That said, life’s been throwing some curveballs at me lately, and I’ve really been struggling to catch them. Focusing on the blog and other important non-writing personal matters have left me playing catch-up with some of my other projects, namely completing Book 2’s draft of The Victor’s Blade. Putting something that important to me on hold has been cramping my creativity on the blog, and I’ve noticed. I’m sure you have too.

That said, to better focus on TVB and giving myself a much-needed emotional and creative reset, I’m going to be taking a month-long hiatus from normal content on the blog. But not to fear! You’ll still have posts to look forward to. Each week in April you’ll be seeing posts that will point you to a YouTuber I’m particularly fond of, each one putting out the kind of analytical content you’d normally be seeing from me. You’ll also see links to some of my older posts that you may not have read before, especially if you’re a newcomer.

Once May is here, you can bet I’ll be back refreshed and kicking and with lots of regular content for you!

My apologies for any inconvenience, but I hope you enjoy the content you’ll be seeing in April!


3 responses to “Update: April Blog Hiatus”

  1. Curtis M. Avatar

    That's understandable. I feel like I'll be taking a hiatus on most of my blogs soon.

  2. Jeannette Jonic Avatar

    Hope it helps you feel rested and ready for action! 😀

  3. Curtis M. Avatar

    I hope so, too. My hiatus hasn't happened yet, but I'll make an anouncement about it after my last batch of reviews. No spoilers, but this will be after the first movie I've given a 10/10 in a year, but it's also the most depressing thing I've watched in my life.

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