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April Recommendations (2 of 4): Weight of Cinema

I first noticed Weight of Cinema when they put out an incredible video series analyzing Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s writing and cinematography. It was well-edited, the voiceover/script work was phenomenal, and the carefully-crafted and loving analysis was a delight to behold. I’d find myself eagerly awaiting each new entry in the four-part series, and I felt a profound melancholy when it was finished!

I just finished watching their three-part series on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy’s themes and emotional impact.

I see they have a podcast too, and while I haven’t checked that out yet, I certainly intend to in the future.

If you enjoy the kinds of content I put out, you’ll enjoy Weight of Cinema’s eloquent video essays for sure.

Channel: Weight of Cinema

But if you’re not really feeling checking out someone different (aw, it’s okay, I’ll keep you company!), you might find this series I did on the six elements of a story an interesting read.


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