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My Hero Academia Season 5 Trailer Reaction and Breakdown

This post will contain some spoilers for

My Hero Academia

You have been warned.

The new trailer for My Hero Academia Season 5 doesn’t mess around. Earlier this month we got treated to a pulse-pumping soundtrack put to visuals that showcased both familiar good stuff and some new, flashy things.

It looks like the first arc of season five will focus on a good old-fashioned UA class matchup, between Class 1-A and 1-B.

New Costumes!

And what a great way to compare all the new costume changes! While some students’ outfits have largely remained the same (Deku, Iida, and Uraraka in particlar seemed to have no changes), Bakugo is sporting a new top with a tall collar (coincidentally rather similar to Shiketsu High’s school uniform).

Funimation 2016-2020

While Bakugo’s costume change is very cool, the other ones are also quite cute or have interesting detailed additions. Koda’s mask, for example, makes it look like he has a duck bill.

Check out Koda on the left with his cute duck mask!

And did Mina have that fur-lined brown jacket before? I want it.

Funimation 2016-2020

Other costume changes seem like they might have more practical uses. For instance, Tsu’s gotten some new yellow accessory that look like headphones. I wonder what those could be for? They definitely do add to the frog aesthetic, at the very least. I also don’t know if Momo is only using that cape temporarily for this class exercise, but I need her to wear it all the time. It’s adorable.

Funimation 2016-2020

I do find myself wondering why certain students have gotten costume changes while others haven’t. Maybe after developing their upgraded hero moves, they’ve commissioned new additions to their wardrobe to assist with their quirk, like Deku did with his new gloves near the end of season 4.

Which, speaking of, don’t think I didn’t catch that snippet of him adjusting those gloves in the background of the image above as Class 1-A gets ready for their match. Looking forward to seeing Deku utilize those gloves more in the future. But will he become too reliant on them as All Might warned?

Class 1-B!

We also got treated to what I believe was our first look at Class 1-B’s costumes in all their superhero glory. I wonder, in-lore, did they have other costumes and these are technically “upgraded” versions, as with Class 1-A?

Funimation 2016-2020

As soon as I saw Class 1-B, I was instantly more excited for season five. With the story-centric focus of season 4, it’ll be great to see more of 1-B. I mean, look at them. I may not know much about mushroom girl (Komori), but after seeing her adorable outfit, I swear I would protect her with my life. Plus seeing Monoma being super extra is always hilarious. And can we take a moment to appreciate that the manga guy’s close-up is just a page layout of comic panels? Brilliant.

Manga kid is best kid

I’m particularly excited to see more of Shinso, who I’ve severely missed since his debut in season two. His character is fascinating, and I’d love to see his quirk developed more. I wonder what limitations he could push past with his mental control quirk.

Funimation 2016-2020

All in all, especially considering we haven’t seen Class 1-B in action since the summer camp arc in season two, having them go head-to-head against Class 1-A will really be exciting to watch.

Things To Look Forward To!

Watching the classes clash won’t just be about showcasing Class 1-B’s progress, of course. I can’t wait to see how Class 1-A will be tested. We even may see some Class 1-A members get a chance to shine who’ve been less in the spotlight (see Kaminari’s cool action scene)!

Funimation 2016-2020

Deku has his trusty notebook in hand, and I think we can assume he’ll be stepping up even more and taking charge of his class to guide them to victory.

Funimation 2016-2020

This reminds me of a question that I keep coming back to, namely what Deku will be like as “The Greatest Hero.” How will he surpass even All Might?

Season four definitely highlighted the importance of future heroes finding their own way and not trying to copy All Might. From All Might’s discussion with Endeavor about the new number one’s need to utilize his own strengths to Deku’s shift in what kind of hero he wants to be, it seems like the show is setting Deku up to become his own unique brand of the greatest hero.

There are so many fun ways the show could take this, but if I had my way, I’d love to see Deku’s version of “the greatest hero” focus less on solo fighting (perhaps due to a grave injury like All Might) but instead focusing on his ability to guide and lead a group through his presence and example. I anticipate Deku will become the best hero because of his expertise, analytical skills, and ability to guide a group of heroes (his grown-up friends, of course) to success, almost serving in a commanding officer kind of position. I think Deku being the greatest hero because of his ability to foster a higher level of hero cooperation would be a very powerful message about the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and even working together with people of different mentalities and worldviews (as displayed by Deku and Bakugo putting aside their differences to work together). It would also help to uproot the hypocrisy in hero society some villains like Stain have pointed out, where heroes more often bicker among themselves rather than working together against criminal activity and/or corruption in society.

I do wonder how My Hero plans to address the corrupt society themes they’ve introduced, but I think the idea of fostering this next generation of “team heroes” that are even more unified than the current hero companies would be a powerful and emotionally satisfying way to do it.

Of course, I’m disappointed (though not surprised) we haven’t seen any follow-up to that AGONIZING teaser scene that capped off the end of season four, the one that highlighted prior users of One For All. Can’t wait to see more about that in season five!

My Hero’s official website,, has announced that season 5 will be airing in spring 2021. And I for one can’t wait to Go Beyond – Plus Ultra!

All photos are screenshots taken from the My Hero Academia Season 5 Official Trailer on and are the property of Funimation 2016-2020. Used under US “Fair Use” laws.

My Hero Academia and all related terms are the property of Funimation. And I am not affiliated with them.

Editor’s Note: Corrected typo on 5-28-21. Nothing to see here…

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