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Update: New Place, New Look!

Site under construction – pardon my mess!

Update 2/14/23: Website has been updated to https://. You may now login to your heart’s content.

Hi Fiction and Fantasy fans!

I recently moved the blog to a brand-new fancy-schmancy site ( and am still in the process of getting things juuust right.

Moving to my own site has been a long-time dream of mine. I now have WAY more control over the look of the site and posts than ever before. This will also cure some frustrating bugs that plagued my old blog, the kind that often added hours of extra work per article!

You may notice your browser giving you scary warnings that the new site may not be secure. This is because we’re running on slightly older tech at the moment (http:// site instead of https://).

While the blog is still safe to browse, we recommend viewing as a guest (i.e. refrain from entering any usernames or passwords on the blog) until we’ve upgraded to an https:// site.

I’ll be putting out another announcement once our tech is upgraded to the most recent, secure stuff! (Basically, as soon as you see the https:// at the front of the URL, you’ll know you’re set to sign into the site to your heart’s content.)

Based on my tech guy’s availability, I anticipate we’ll be able to upgrade to the latest tech before the end of December.

You’ll also likely see the blog changing appearance (a lot) over the next few weeks.

Due to the transfer process, many links in articles may not be working correctly and pictures may not be in the correct spots.

I’ll be working through each post by hand to ensure everything is as it should be, but it will take some time for me to get things ship-shape again.

Please pardon the mess, and thank you for your patience!


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