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  • An Interview with Elun

    Welcome aboard, Elun. It’s great to have you here today! A’course! Any mate of Jaranin’s is a mate o’ mine. Say, that promise of victuals after all this hullabaloo still stands, aye? As much scoff as you can scoff. Writer’s honor. Just settle in and we’ll get started. Don’t mind if’n I do! A’right. Whatcha […]

  • An Interview with Isalaina

    Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today, Isalaina! The pleasure’s mine! After all, Jaranin said it wasn’t so bad, so I thought if he was going to be brave, I’d have to give it a try, too. (Laughs) So, let me get the quick and boring questions out of the way for […]

  • An Interview with Jaranin

    All right. Let’s start out with the easy questions. What is your full name? Jaranin Riel. Or, well, actually, Jaranin Thoranan. Sorry. The new last name sure takes some getting used to! (Laughs) Do you have a nickname, pseudonym, or alternate identity? Oh, well maybe I should’ve saved the “Thoranan” bit for this question? I […]

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