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Any of you getting tired of hearing about The Victor’s Blade all the time? (Or, uh, if you actually want more, let me know that, too.)

Although TVB is my current big project (and I’ve learned the hard way to focus on one project at a time), I have a ton of ideas for future projects. Here’s a sneak peak of just a few:

Vega Trilogy

Set in the world of The Victor’s Blade, journey to Amboron’s past and the time of the ancient Star Faer Kingdom, when good and evil clashed. Follow Stergon, the Rebel, as he overcomes his pride and learns to fight for what is right, even if it means breaking out of the tradition of what his people have said is right. Discover with Raenden the Blessed that pursuing righteousness and truth can meet with severe persecution and betrayal, and whether the right choice is worth it or not. And journey with Ethane, the Exile, as he seeks to protect the princess Nova Luna… all while seeking his own identity. Is he the hero he wishes to be or the monster the world fears him to be?

The Kingdom of Realms Series

Discover a brand-new world locked in a medieval era and filled with knights, princesses, and political intrigue. This series includes stories like the legendary adventures of Líon Haerte, who rises from life as a nameless orphan to rescuer of the queen and the kingdom. Or Leo, secret descendant of Líon Haerte and a headstrong but courageous boy. When Leo’s home is attacked, he finds himself the leader of a band of refugee children who must find their way to the capital to warn the king of impending invasion.

Elemental [Working Title]

A world without death still holds its own dangers. For in a world without death, corrupt powers find far more cruel and creative ways to bring the world under their heel. Like every other citizen of the twelve elemental citystates, Attali lives under this oppressive fear.

But even law-abiding citizens like herself can accidentally fall prey to the wrath of the powers that be. When Attali suddenly finds herself thrust from terrified fugitive to kidnapped “member” of a rogue band of youths, she must decide whether to remain a powerless cog or discover if she has the courage to defy every authority and find a life outside the cities.

…Among many, many other ideas.

Which of these are you most excited for?

I’ll post an excerpt from whichever story gets the most votes! Vote in the poll or by commenting with your choice down below!

**Poll is now closed. Check here for the winner!**

Wanna check out more of my projects in progress?

For Him, to Him


  1. How are these other series coming along when you're not working on TVN? I know I get jumbled up with so many story concepts.

  2. Several years ago (before I started this blog), I got so many ideas at once, which was great… and not-so-great. I would get excited about a new idea, but then I'd begin to neglect TVB because it wasn't shiny-new (the "Elemental" story was a big offender, as I'm incredibly excited about that project). So I eventually decided to focus only on TVB until I had finished it. Then I could move onto another project.

    It's not a work ethic I can advocate for every author (each person is different), but it's been working wonderfully for me. I still write down any new ideas that might pop into my head for future projects (including these), but I devote all my focused writing time to TVB.

    My organization structure (to keep things from getting jumbled together) really helps with that. For most projects, I keep all notes for them in a single document. I'll put anything in there from character ideas to setting concepts to plot details. For more developed ideas (like for "Elemental,") I'll create a separate document(s) in a folder just for that project. This helps me keep bigger projects separated for clarity, but less-developed ideas together so I can mix and match concepts once I really sit down to start making a full novel out of my ideas!

  3. Gotcha. I was the same way and those ideas ended up in a TON of notebooks. Some of my ideas didn't work out so well, but I've remixed them for different ideas like the extended Hollandus-cosm. I need to focus on that and the other main series I started writing years ago.

    Personally, I wished I didn't make so many one-shot stories especially after researching how to copyright multiple books at once. I certainly still keep track of new ideas like putting them on Evernote which has saved me money and paper.

    That's great. I have multiple folders for my one-shots and series ideas. Sometimes I do wonder how and if I can pull everything off especially at my age when I should've published me books earlier.

  4. Don't feel too bad about not starting publishing sooner! You hadn't matured to the point you're at now. Your writing might not have been ready back then! I look at old excerpts from the earliest versions of TVB that I have left and am so grateful the book hadn't gotten published back then. It would not have been ready! You're writing now, and that's the important thing. Just keep looking forward to how you can improve your craft!

    Evernote is a huge lifesaver. I know I'll be using it more in the future. Even now, I actually have all my notes on TVB's characterization, as I was never able to find any other appropriate way of keeping that information organized!

    Why do you think it was a detriment to make one-shot stories? Do they not help drum up as much readership for you as a relatively new author on the market?

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