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I am an organization freak.

If you don’t believe that by now, here’s another piece of evidence for you: I have a document on my computer solely to list and categorize all my story ideas. This ranges from the big novels I have planned to multi-book series to one-off ideas that are nothing more than a single image or concept.

Because I’ve been focusing on The Victor’s Blade over the past few years, I haven’t really given this doc much attention or thought lately. So it was kind of fun to skim through it the other day and remind myself of all these future projects I’ve got, just waiting to be written.

Curious? Well, I’m not one for spoilers, but… I guess a sneak peek couldn’t hurt.

[All content subject to change:]

The Castle

By Bob Raymakers on Unsplash

A dark castle looms in the distant mountains, just barely visible through the forest mists from the quaint village. People say the castle and surrounding mountains are haunted, forbidden, the ruin of some long-forgotten kingdom. But the stories are nothing to daunt the adventurous and foolhardy Ævran. The boy regularly explores the forest, trying to find a way up the mountains to get to the castle high above. When he stumbles across mysterious riders making their way through the forest toward the castle one dark night, Ævran redoubles his efforts.

But once he climbs his way to the castle, he finds more than he bargained for. The castle isn’t quite a derelict ruin yet, and within its halls still linger a cold fighting force and a colder, crueler master.

Ævran struggles to escape the castle, but during his search, he discovers he isn’t the only prisoner here…

The Clan

Ethaeril was going to be a knight. That’s what his mother told him. It was about all he knew about himself, since his father died before he was born and his mother only survived long enough to send him away to a castle to apprentice.

There weren’t any relatives to ask. No obscure family members left alive, either. His only relative, an uncle he thought he might have met once, died shortly after he turned fifteen.

By Derek Story on Unsplash

In fact, that was the year when everything changed. Because that was also the year the king died.

On a dark and rainy night, a soaked stranger arrives at the castle, saying he’s come to take Ethaeril away. Of course Ethaeril’s lord isn’t happy and demands to know what the stranger’s business is about and who he is.

“I am Baron Naevius,” the nobleman explains calmly. “And Ethaeril is to be crowned the new king.”

One of the few remaining descendants left of a dying dynasty, Ethaeril is thrust into a dangerous game of warring factions, generation-long rivalries, and cunning politics.

His most vocal opposition is a fraction of the family some call “The Clan.” Angry and sore from years of being snubbed by their royal family members, The Clan is determined to finally take their place on the throne. They are the true heirs.

They will make sure the whole kingdom knows it.

The Contract

When Jaku is tricked into signing a contract with a witch, he finds himself bereft of his beloved Aiyin and his soul. Now bound to serve the witch for eternity, Jaku slowly begins to lose himself as the witch’s power takes hold.

Aiyin is their last hope, but her own life hangs in the balance. Trapped between life and death, can she find the strength to rescue both herself and Jaku?

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  1. The Contract sounds interesting like a mix between Spirited Away and xxxHolic.

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