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Update: Merging With Diving Deeper and Other News



This is when I merged two of my blogs into this one site. Tada! Not to fear though; you can still find links to a bunch of my current content in this article. Otherwise, today I added relevant links and photos and updated formatting to current blog standards.

Hey everyone! There’s some big changes coming to the Fiction and Fantasy blog.

I know some of you have been to my offshoot blog, Diving Deeper, and have been asking about when I’ll begin posting there in earnest. But since I haven’t been advertising it much, I also know there may be many of you who aren’t familiar with it.

Diving Deeper is the second blog I began to complement Fiction and Fantasy. While Fiction and Fantasy was created specifically as a platform for me to discuss my own stories or thoughts about life, Diving Deeper was going to be more of a review/analysis of other people’s stories.

However, starting next week, I’m going to be merging these two blogs together.

What does that mean?

Fiction and Fantasy is going to still have posts about my writing projects, process, and philosophy. But you can also expect to see some brand-new kinds of content. Here’s some of the new content you can expect to see:

One of my most popular personality typing has been Bakugo from My Hero Academia!

Character Studies

Analyzing characters’ good and bad points, why they work together with other members of the cast, what makes them interesting or entertaining–even typing their personalities!

Mixed Reviews

Discussing stories I’ve had mixed feelings about, exploring their strengths and weaknesses. Each will end with a discussion about additional options I would have loved to see the writers explore. (I’ve actually been exploring the possibility of posting these both as blog posts as well as audio/podcasts. Comment if you’re interested in this idea!)

Why [This Title] Is Amazing

Check out my Top 10 Anime Villains here!

Okay, I admit. This is gonna be my gush time. Some of my favorite stories and what exactly I love most about them–and why you might enjoy them, too.

Top 10’s/Bottom 10’s

Flash-Posts listing some of my favorites (or not-so-favorites!)

In Addition…

Fiction and Fantasy is also going to be going through some major changes all on its own, apart from the merge.

I’ll be temporarily going down to one blog post a week over the next few weeks as I adjust to my new schedule. While I’ll be shooting for Wednesday updates, the day of the week may or may not change depending on my schedule.

I’d like to emphasize that as of right now, this is a temporary change. Especially with the new kinds of content I have planned, I want to return to twice-a-week updates as soon as I’ve adjusted to my new schedule. However, this job may or may not prove to be more stressful than I’m currently anticipating, so once-a-week updates may have to be the new norm.

Finally, you may also see more Flash-Posts over the weeks to come in addition to the weekly post to make up for having one fewer post throughout the week.

I sincerely apologize for the lack of content, but I’m hoping that the new variety of entertaining reviews, interesting character analyses, and fun Flash-posts will more than make up for it over the weeks to come!

Photos, in order of appearance:

  • Photo of Bakugo by Studio Bones; licensed by Crunchyroll 2024.
  • Photo of Kagetane by Kinema Citrus; licensed by Sentai Filmworks 2014.

Used under US “Fair Use” laws.

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  1. It's good how you have everything merged into one blog. I have so much to talk about that I needed four to say everything of different subjects.

  2. Honestly, I should probably branch off, but I just don't have the time to keep multiple blogs updated regularly. Maybe someday when I can write all day long. 😉

  3. Gotcha. I totally get it. That would be awesome if you got paid full-time to write and make a great living doing so.

  4. That's our dream! We'll seeee

  5. Yup. I certainly hope so, too.

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