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Isalaina Carpenter

“…[Y]ou insisted I had to meet the new girl in town. The miracle faer daughter Adonai had bequeathed upon some poor carpenters who had prayed and prayed for a child—”

“Hoi, that’s not fair!”

“—Who popped out of a waterlily at Jadestone Pond by the light of the full moon—”

“We were just tiddlers! How wus Oi supposed t’ know not t’ trust a rumor? Besides, Oi wus roight about her bein’ a faer. And a fam’ly o’ carpenters!”

Jaranin and Elun, Book 1, Chapter 39


Isalaina was adopted by the Carpenters, who initially believed they were barren until having Willem and Reevus, their biological sons, a few years after Isalaina’s adoption.

While Isalaina was initially raised in the Amborin capital Ailerdon, the Carpenters took the infant Isalaina to Sinoa shortly after the adoption due to Mrs. Carpenter’s ailing health. As such, Isalaina has lived in Sinoa most of her life.

This has caused stress for the young Zelmeon girl due to the local population’s superstition and the racial tension between humans and faer. Few outside of Isalaina’s inner circle feel wholly comfortable around her, and some outright avoid her. Because of this, she attempts to appear as human as possible by folding her wings back so they are no longer visible.

She works as an exceptionally skillful weaver at Rhona’s business in Wilfay, the same location where Jaranin works. They walk to work together every day.

Besides taking care of her younger brothers, Isalaina practices archery. She has won the Sinoan archery competition three years in a row.

Physical Appearance

Isalaina has golden blond hair and eyes of an unusual color. They are often described as being greenish-gray like the ocean.

She is slightly taller than Jaranin and shorter than Elun.


  • June 4, 5023 – Jaranin born
  • October 5024 – Scourge raid Sinoa
  • May 5038 – Scourge attack Sinoa region. Isalaina flees home with her two younger brothers and her friends.
Alternate NamesN/A
First IntroducedBook 1, Chapter 1
Birth Date4th of Dralmé (June 4), 5023 AY
Age14 (Book 1)
15 (Books 1&2)
Height1 cm taller than Jaranin
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorGreen-gray

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