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Elun Elvinbard

Back home, they used to call me Elun the Eviscerator, Elf o’ a Thousand Twirlin’ Blades… An’ why did they call me this, ya ask? Observe!

Elun Elvinbard, Book 1, Chapter 20


Elun was born the eldest son to his elvish parents who ultimately settled in the small village of Sinoa. He has eight younger siblings.

He dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps, traveling the world as a wandering troubadour. When Sinoa was attacked by the mysterious Scourge in 5038, Elun finally gained the chance to do so when he joined Jaranin on his journey to obtain the legendary Victor’s Blade to fend off the Scourge and protect Sinoa for good.

Physical Appearance

Elun has tomato red hair and green eyes. His build is tall and thin. He is the tallest between himself, Jaranin, and Isalaina.


  • May 15, 5023 – Elun born
  • October 5024 – Scourge raid Sinoa
  • May 5038 – Scourge attack Sinoa region. Elun flees home with his younger siblings and his friends.
Alternate NamesElun the Sublime, Wit and Troubadour Extraordinaire
Elun the Eviscerator, Elf of a Thousand Twirling Blades
Elun the Troubadour
First IntroducedBook 1, Chapter 1
Birth Date15th of Zamida (May 15), 5023 AY
Age15 (Books 1&2)
Height3 cm taller than Jaranin
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorGreen

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